Polling stations

  • All polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Election Day
  • Polling stations are in close vicinity to elector’s homes, usually located in public buildings like schools or local halls
  • Postal Voters can drop off their postal vote at their local polling station on polling day if they haven’t already posted it
  • Electors do not need to take ID with them to cast a vote, however voting will be quicker if electors take their polling card with them
  • Haringey Civic Centre is not a Polling Station

Where do I vote?

Details of your polling station will be on your polling card.

Map of polling stations

A map showing all polling stations in Haringey can be viewed below.

Important: if you are using a mobile you must view

If you cannot view the map then you can see the list of polling stations as a table.

Note your nearest polling station is not always the one you are supposed to use.