Hornsey Ward 2014 Local Election Results

Below are the 2014 election results for the Hornsey ward of Haringey.

Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected?
BARNES DawnLiberal Democrats1,276
BUDGE PeterGreen Party525
COYLE TomUK Independence Party (UKIP)210
CROOK AidanConservative Party248
FORD DuncanGreen Party446
HOGAN Mary BridgetGreen Party576
JOGEE AdamLabour Party1,967Yes
KILBY GillianLiberal Democrats1,169
MANN Jennifer MaryLabour Party1,887Yes
PASTIDES AliceConservative Party204
REID ErrolLiberal Democrats1,216
VASEY ClarkConservative Party187
WESTON Elin ElizabethLabour Party1,821Yes

Percentage turnout: 44.77%

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Hornsey ward candidates
BARNES Dawn Liberal Democrats
BUDGE Peter Green Party
COYLE Tom UK Independence Party (UKIP)
CROOK Aidan Conservative Party
FORD Duncan Green Party
HOGAN Mary Bridget Green Party
JOGEE Adam Labour Party
KILBY Gillian Liberal Democrats
MANN Jennifer Mary Labour Party
PASTIDES Alice Conservative Party
REID Errol Liberal Democrats
VASEY Clark Conservative Party
WESTON Elin Elizabeth Labour Party