Absent voting

Haringey Votes 2014

You can now apply for an absent vote, such as a postal vote or proxy vote, up to six working days before an election.

Postal voting

You can have a postal vote instead of going to your polling station. We can send it to any address, even abroad. But, bear in mind that we must receive the ballot paper back by the day of the election.

You can apply for a postal vote by completing an application form. You can obtain postal vote application forms by contacting electoral services.

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Proxy voting

You can have a proxy vote if you cannot get to the polling station on polling day. This is where you appoint somebody to vote for you. They can go along to your polling station and cast your vote.

An application form can be downloaded from the About My Vote website (external link) or obtained from electoral services.

Emergency situations

In the exceptional circumstance that you are involved in an emergency situation on Election Day, you will be able to register for an emergency proxy vote by phoning 020 8489 1000.

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Postal proxy voting

If your proxy is going to be away from home on the day of the election, they can apply for your proxy ballot paper to be posted to them.

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Further information

If you need help or further information, please contact us by:

Tel 020 8489 1000 Email elections@haringey.gov.uk

You can also visit our electoral registration office. The office is open 8.45am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can write to the Electoral Registration team at:

The Electoral Registration Office PO Box 264 Civic Centre High Road London N22 8LE

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